Hello, you lovely reader, you!

One of my responsibilities over the next little while is to organize the next graduation at Black Belt Schools (plug plug plug). Since nothing particularly exciting happened this week, I’m going to commandeer this blog post from its original purpose and use it to outline my plan for the graduation.

One of the previous graduations was held outdoors at Guelph Lake, and the students spent the day afterwards at the beach. It was pretty awesome. I had been trying and trying to think of a good idea to make this graduation stand out. My thoughts, in temporal order, were: 

  • Beach (can’t do beach, it’ll be cold)
  • Movie Theatre (movie theatre’s expensive, and watching a movie is less exciting than going to the beach)
  • Roller Skating (roller skating’s in mississauga and renting the area is similarly expensive)
  • Gymnastics Party (we do karate, not gymnastics)
  • Break-a-thon (… -wait that’s not bad!)

Considering the first two ideas were stolen, I’m thinking brainstorming’s not my forte. Anyways, the break-a-thon seems like a good idea, and is the one I’m beginning to pursue. The concept is that it is a fundraiser in which the participants collect sponsors for breaking a certain number of boards. The more boards broken, the more money collected. Combining it with other demonstrations and breaking events could turn it into a day long event which I think the students may really enjoy.

As a side note, there is a certain ethical dillema in picking a fundraiser before picking a charity. On the other hand, I fully intend on ignoring that dillema.

The charity I’m thinking may be best to approach would be habitat for humanity, as they do good work, and my feeling is that there probably isn’t much ill will towards them, unlike my previous consideration, the Westboro Baptist Church Foundation. As well, they may be able to help in procuring boards, as they’re partnered with Home Depot.

As far as a location goes, my ultimate goal would be to do it at the Cambridge Centre, as its centrally located for the students, and would be amazing publicity for Black Belt Schools. For insurance reasons this may not be possible, though at my last dojo we did several demos at the Cambridge Centre, so we’ll see. Settling for a gymnasium may be a necessity, in which case I’d be looking at schools and churches most likely. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

My goal would be to have the entire club involved with all of the students participating, and the majority of parents volunteering. Combining it with a kick-a-thon would allow the students who can’t necessarily break boards yet to still participate. As well, opening it up to other dojos to have them participate could make the event something very cool in the community (dojos don’t tend to associate well with each other. Usually we end up brawling when there’s more than two students from another school, as basically every Kung Fu movie ever can attest to). So I have a fair bit of work cut out for me over the next little while, but ha, what else is new. I’ve never really organized something like this before, and at worst it will be a learning experience, and at best it could be a very cool community event, which raises funds for a very good cause.

With no further ado, let us proceed to the weekly recap!


  • 220 Push ups
  • 220 Sit ups
  • 42 rounds of Seipai
  • 10 minutes meditation
  • 10 acts of kindness


  • 160 Push ups
  • 160 Sit ups
  • 16 rounds of Seipai
  • 9 acts of kindness


  • 160 Push ups
  • 160 Sit ups
  • 16 rounds of Seipai
  • 40 minutes meditation
  • 15 acts of kindness


  • 8 acts of kindness


  • 160 Push ups
  • 160 Sit ups
  • 6 acts of kindness


  • 200 Push ups
  • 200 Sit ups
  • 24 rounds of Seipai
  • 8 acts of kindness


  • 280 Push ups
  • 280 Sit ups
  • 40 rounds of Seipai
  • 25 minutes meditation
  • 2 acts of kindness

So for Week 5, I did 1180 push ups, 1180 sit ups, 138 rounds of Seipai, 75 minutes of meditation and 58 acts of kindness. This is pretty good, and I’m getting close to catching up, however I’m finding it hard to make time for my workout along with keeping up with my online course and getting good rest. So I’m going to try getting up at 4:40 AM to get my workout in before work. We’ll see how this goes next week.

Cumulatively, I’m at: 4770 push ups, 4600 sit ups, 461 rounds of Seipai, 515 minutes of meditation, 200 acts of kindness, 45 rounds of sparring, and 20 km of jogging. This section feels more and more badass every week.

But not as badass as this card trick:

So, until next week, cheers!