So, here we are.

I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot outside of my dojo while I write this.
I’m very nervous. I have three classes to teach, a class to do, and a demo practice to run before I grade, which will be at 3:00. My understanding is that the basic format will be to tire me out and then have me spar. It will last at least 3 hours. I’ll have to do ground fighting which I haven’t done in three or four years. I’ve brought water, powerade, energy bars, a puke bucket, and a towel for today. Again, I am very nervous. I’ve done my best to eat and rest well before today, and I do feel good. I did some training last night so I’m not too stiff. I completed all of my requirements except for the hyper video, and I didn’t meditate enough. I still don’t know what my Sensei will say about that, but I’ll accept his decision either way. I hope I get to grade today and I hope I’m strong enough to complete it.
To anybody that’s been following my blog this little while, I really do appreciate it. I’ll have at least one more post after this to update on how everything goes, but until then, cheers.