It’s back.

And this time, it’s flexible.

Actually it’s not. And by it, I mean me. So I’m going to fix that. In three weeks.

At least, that’s the goal. The plan is to do 15 minutes of stretching 4 times a day for the next 3 weeks. “Is this really going to be enough to achieve the splits?” you may ask. Well, to be honest, I have no idea. What I do know, is that I am more productive and enjoy my life more, when I’m working towards a goal and pushing myself. So, the blog is back, and so is a regimen. The regimen for this is going to be as follows:

Session 1:

  • 5 minutes isometric left splits
  • 5 minutes isometric right splits
  • 5 minutes isometric centre splits

Session 2:

  • 5 minutes butterfly sit
  • 5 minutes kneeling groin stretch
  • 5 minutes V-sit

Session 3:

  • 5 minutes left pigeon sit
  • 5 minutes right pigeon sit
  • 5 minutes hanging hamstring stretch

Session 4:

  • 5 minutes left splits
  • 5 minutes right splits
  • 5 minutes centre splits

I like this breakdown a lot, as it begins and ends with the positions that I’m working towards. Also, the first session is designed to tire the muscles that are going to be resisting the position, and it ends with relaxed stretching which will give me a good indicator of how close I am to my goal.

I’ll update with results as I go.

P.S. I’m currently nowhere near the splits. At least 18″ off the ground.



Considering how hard I failed at this and lost interest, I would love to delete this post, but for the sake of my journalistic integrity, I will leave it as a grim-reminder of making commitments with little reason to follow through on them. Splits are still a work in progress, but with nothing near the intensity as was presented in this post. Any further updates will likely occur in their own posts.