Hello, netizens!

This post is going to be a little different, as it is serving a different purpose. You see, a friend of mine has a phone that doesn’t receive photos well. That same friend asked me if I know of something crafty they could make for a crafty-gift exchange. Since I’m a japanese school girl (that’s the only thing I can think of to explain why I know about this), I suggested she make little puffy origami stars in different colors and fill a glass container with them in layers, sort of like this:


(except in layers).

I tried explaining how to make them over text, but that didn’t work very well. She can’t receive photos of me making it, so I’ve decided to make one more (there are already hundreds) Tutorial on Little Puffy Stars!!! But what’s more, I’m making it entirely on my phone (I’m on a bus). Without further ado; thusly, we begin.

Thing you’ll need:

    Piece of paper



To begin, make a strip that is about fifteen times as long as it is wide. 1 cm by fifteen cm works well. Don’t measure. Just sort of guess. It doesn’t have to be precise. Scissors help with this, but if you put a nice firm fold in the paper, both ways, ripping will work as well.


Next, you need to tie a knot in one end of the paper. It should be clean (I.e. it doesn’t wrinkle the paper) and should leave you with a nice pentagon shaped knot. The (now) short end of the paper should be about as long as it is wide.





Now turn the paper so it’s aligned as in the last photo. Take the short end and fold it over the pentagon so that the folded edge and one edge of the paper line up with the pentagon:


Now tuck the folded end underneath the top strip of the knot:


You should now have a pentagon on the end of a long strip. The next step is to wrap the long strip tightly around the pentagon, folding along the edges of the pentagon until the remaining strip of paper wouldn’t quite reach to the next edge:






Now just like before, tuck the remaining strip underneath the top of the pentagon:


You should now have a perfect little paper pentagon!


Now it’s time to make it a star. To do this, you need to pinch the corners, which will make them pointier, and make the star puff up.



Repeating on each corner:


Congratulations! You now have a bouncing baby b- err a little puffy star. Now all that’s left is to make about a million in several different colors and fill a jar with them. Or go bake something. That’s crafty too.