Hello, person who wants to know more about me!

My name is Jared Windover, and this blog’s name is jaredwindover, which is wonderfully convenient.

I’m currently preparing for my black belt grading in Goju-Ryu karate, and a condition of my preparation is that I keep a weekly journal, which quickly became a weekly weblog. Thus, jaredwindover.wordpress.com was born. Here I’ll be chronicling important things that happen with regard to my training over this period, and other things related to the martial arts that I feel the desire to share.

I finished my black belt preparation, graded, and received my 1st degree black belt under Sensei Paul Simoes. I’m still training, and have become rather fond of this blog, so its scope is going to expand. It will be, basically, a venue for me to write whatever I feel like writing, which will often centre around martial arts, but may also involve my other interests, such as origami, juggling, reading, and films.

As far as personal life goes, I’ve summed it up in my first post, An Introduction, largely because I didn’t realize I have an about page. So here is a section of that post, copied and pasted for your convenience:

  • 19 years old
  • Live just south of Cambridge, Ontario
  • Studying Mathematics at the University of Waterloo
  • Currently on a Co-op term, working at the IESO in mississauga
  • Karate-ka (practicioners of karate) at Black Belt Schools in Cambridge under Sensei Paul Simoes

So, really that’s the relevant information about me. If you want to know anything else, I feel you’re seriously pushing the boundaries of this feeble internet relationship, and will be serving you with a restraining order immediately upon request for such information.


I just have to sign it.


Jared Windover