Hello webfriends!

First of all, kudos to anybody that got the title on the first try. I wouldn’t have. Also, for having a very musically inclined half of my family, and having taken 5 years of trumpet, it was embarrassingly difficult to put that title together. With that out of the way, I now offer a warning: I’m about to geek-out really hard, and, you know, if you’re a potential love interest, or if you’re really digging the whole, peaceful-warrior vibe I was going for with the earlier posts, I’d suggest you just stop reading now. Close the tab. Come back for the next post. It’ll be good. It’ll be about zen and stuff…

Well, you’re still reading, so here goes: I want to be Tony Stark (aka Iron Man). I don’t mean, I want to own the Iron Man suit (undeniably awesome). I don’t mean I want to be Robert Downey Jr. (also pretty cool). I literally want to be everything about Tony Stark! Let’s go over some of the key reasons why.

First of all, he gets to fly around in a badass robotic suit. Now the best part of that is the word “get.” For example, pilots don’t “get” to fly planes; they have to. It’s their job. Maybe some of them like it. Doesn’t matter; still their job. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Jared, other people fly planes for fun. Not as a job. They’re hobbyists.” And to that I say, “A plane is not a badass robot suit.” Moving on.

While a robot suit is a pretty compelling reason to do just about anything (I’m not sure I can actually think of something I wouldn’t do to operate a flying robot suit), what makes me want to be Tony Stark even more is the way he uses his mind. He doesn’t solve problems with effort, or indomitable will; he solves them by being smarter than everybody else. He escaped from terrorists by being smarter than them and building a robot suit. He beat that other giant robot suit by being smarter than its operator and flying into the upper atmosphere. He beat being slowly poisoned by the device keeping him alive by being smarter than everybody (except possibly his father) and SYNTHESIZING A NEW ELEMENT.

But, I think more than anything else its because he’s free.

Not to get all pseudo-philosophical and suggest Tony Stark is some paragon of enlightened living. He’s a narcissistic, alcoholic, ex-womanizer with father-issues . But he can do what he likes in life because he’s smart. If he needs something, he can build it. If he doesn’t know how, he can learn, and if its never been done, he can figure out how. He does whatever he wants without fear of repercussion or social consequence. Henry Ford once said something to the effect of “If I lose everything in the collapse of our financial structure, I will start in at the beginning and build it up again,” and I suspect Tony Stark would feel the same, knowing that no matter where he ends up, he can build his way back to wherever he’d like to be.

All by being smart.

I think that more than anything, what we all want is to be free. We seek it by going to work and making money. We seek it by buying shiny things that will make us happy. And some of us seek it by giving it all up to find an Ashram and a Guru. We seek fame to be free from our insecurities. We seek religion to be free from death. We blog to be free from our loneliness.

Okay, so that was pseudo-philosophical. Or maybe a little actual-philosophical.

Freedom would be nice, but what I really want is to build my own robot suit.